Branding Intensive

Your brand success is truly my passion! I have been a marketing strategist for approximately 20 years because I enjoy flexing my thinking muscles and solving problems creatively.

I have packaged one of my most requested services into a one week offering that allows me to focus on one brand at a time. The 

Branding Intensive, is a collaborative process where we work to bring out the greatest aspects of your entrepreneurial vision to life, while maximizing your impact opportunities. Let's chat and discuss if this offering is right for you.


  • Clear brand story - positioning, manifesto, target audience, brand voice and communications pillars

  • Collaborative session to ensure your vision for your business is brought to life elegantly just as you intend it.

  • Expert guidance and writing that will convey messages that lead to engagement and action


  • ​Expedient results - delivered within a week

“Your brand is a story unfolding across all consumer touch points” - Jonah Sachs

What’s your brand story?

If you need help concisely answering this question and being excited at the representation of your essence carried forth through your brand, I developed this intensive for you.

Sounds great but what does it include?
Phase I: Discovery phase - homework done separately
Assessment and evaluation of current industry landscape and competitive review
Relevant culture and trend discovery and analysis for opportunities.

Phase II: Strategy work session - done together
2 hour collaborative brainstorming session with Yadira and clients to discuss the foundations of the brand story,

strategic positioning and prior communications efforts.

Phase III: Strategic framework development - we work our magic

Development of brand messaging platform, brand identity, target audience profile and communications pillars

And what's the deliverable?

Brand Playbook Deck (up to 10 slides) which includes: 
Brand positioning & manifesto
Brand voice
Target audience profile, including best social media platforms to engage them
Communication pillars

Payment plans available




I've been in business already, will a brand intensive help me?
At any point in time entrepreneurs can choose to strengthen or redirect their brand and business,

we help start ups and established entrepreneurs alike. Established entrepreneurs may opt to infuse messaging that they had not considered

in the past, and want to ensure it fits with their established brand. This intensive will help do just that.

These topics are discussed on the consultation as we wouldn't take a client our work couldn't help succeed.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes. Available upon request.

Have other business owners seen success with your branding intensives?

Yes! We are proud to share what ambitious entrepreneurs we've worked with have to say about our service:

“Yadira is a game changer in the creativity realm.  She can listen to your dreams, goals and ambitions and

help you go deeper into the core of who your target audience is.” 

“Yadira captured all my thoughts and was able to express them in a more concise and clear way”

“You provided exactly what we needed to move our brand forward,

now I feel more confident in my marketing efforts because I have clear direction.”